Join BUILD STUFF Summer 2017 as volunteer
“BUILD STUFF Summer 2017” will be held on April 29-30 at Blau PortoPetro Resort & Spa in Mallorca, Spain.
This year we will have even more outstanding line-up of speakers including Eric Evans, Julie Lerman, Udi Dahan, Greg Young, as well as more than 20 other speakers and 200 software professionals at “BUILD STUFF Summer 2017!”
So if you are a student and love software or organizing stuff as we do - this is your chance! Fill the form and join our team!
Moreover, we will provide lunches, snacks, coffee/tea and invitation to post-conference party for all selected volunteers!
So what are you waiting for!
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The conference will be going on April 29-30, but we will need help with preparation on 28th of April too

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